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Workforce Development & Organizational Change

"While it is necessary for workforce development practitioners to understand how their participants, colleagues, and selves may be impacted by trauma and how to engage with a trauma-responsive approach, this is not sufficient. The HCRE model builds upon this foundational knowledge and practices in two ways. First, it evolves from trauma-informed to healing-centered, focusing on proactive, strengths-based, community (versus clinical) approaches. Second, HCRE helps teams and organizations cultivate workplace cultures that support and complement staff’s elevated knowledge of trauma, healing, and resilience. This is a win-win-win for program participants, staff, and organizations. CSW is thrilled to work with Jess and Tracy to help programs participants, staff, and organizations thrive."

Vickie Choitz

Director, Trauma & Resilience at Work Team

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

Dead Sea
Rocky Beach
Rocky Beach

Workforce Development & Organizational Change

"As a result of the trauma and lasting effects that many of our program participants faced because of the pandemic, DESC felt that it was imperative to be more deliberate about incorporating healing and restorative practices into our service delivery model. We had an overwhelming desire to dig deeper and enhance the quality of interaction that we have with our youth program participants. The Healing Centered Restorative Engagement team not only helped us fulfill this desire, but their year-long training turned into so much more, sparking us to find the resources to retain them for a second year!


Along the way, we learned that it wasn’t enough to merely train those who provide direct services.  As we progressed, it became abundantly clear that every person in our organization and partner network, from the parking attendant to the IT helpdesk, everyone needed to experience the transformative lessons derived from HCRE’s training.  We now know that it isn’t enough to merely equip those who work with the most vulnerable. On the contrary, all of our customers – partners, vendors, funders, grantees – everyone deserves to be accepted and appreciated for who they are and what they’ve experienced.


The HCRE training has been invaluable. We’ve developed a newfound respect for those we serve, as well as for each other. Tracy and Jess have empowered us to not only enhance our organizational footprint, but we now feel emboldened to create systems change, spearheading the charge for mental health services to be regarded as essential, starting locally and ultimately at a federal level.  This work is too important to ignore any longer and we are eternally grateful for the vision and guidance that HCRE has afforded us here, at DESC.  I’ve heard many sentiments from our partners who’ve participated in the trainings, and they would definitely agree.  Thank you HCRE! Your efforts are and will continue to change lives.

Ericka Page

Director, Youth Services

Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation/Detroit Youth at Work

Program Evaluation & Grant Support

“We have been extremely pleased with the extensive knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism of the staff team at HCRE.  Their expertise and willingness to assist us with our grant applications and program evaluations have been simply outstanding and we highly recommend their services for any organization striving for success!”

Murray Davis, Project Director/Program Coordinator
19th District Dearborn Veterans Treatment Court
Ocean Water
Ocean Water

Consulting: Nonprofit Management & Fund Development

“Dr. Hall was recommended due to her decades of experience in non-profit and public sector consulting. She helped our board members better understand various elements of fundraising such as building diverse revenue streams from private donor solicitations, grant funds, and government contracts, We were so impressed with her presentation that we will be contracting with her again in the near future to help with our strategic planning.”

Aaron Kinzel, Executive Director
Michigan Association of Reentry Support 

Consulting: Nonprofit Management & Fund Development

“When I enrolled in Dr. Tracy Hall's grant writing course, I understood little about the grant writing landscape and the tools needed to thrive in this area. However, after taking her course, I left with an immense understanding of grant writing, which led to grant awards totaling over $650,000 in my work. Tracy's expertise is unmatched; she is a trailblazer, brilliant teacher, and outstanding public administrator.”   

Brandon Gleaton, Former MPA Student
Program Officer, Spark Justice Fund
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Career Navigation

“Dr. Tracy Hall is a truly supportive and dynamic career navigation expert. Whether I have questions regarding interviewing or resume writing, need career advice, or I'm seeking some networking guidance, I know I can always rely on her vast experience to point me in the right direction and to give me open and honest answers.”   

Aimee Szabo,  Vocational Services Manager
Services to Enhance Potential  
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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

“Tracy has a passion for DE&I which does not exceed her teaching style; it complements it. She creates an environment where everyone can bring their whole self to class, regardless of their background. As someone who identifies with the LGBTQIA+ community, I appreciated her welcoming guests from underserved communities like mine, to speak in our classes.”

Aubrey Huff, Former Masters in Public Administration Student
Marketing and Events Program Manager, Adolescent Health Initiative
Sea Turtle


“I became acquainted with Dr. Tracy Hall through her leadership in Public Allies Metro Detroit, and was deeply impacted by my experiences in that program. Tracy’s holistic approach of addressing social inequality via interpersonal and community work challenged my views and changed how I engage with the world, and our work in personal and societal traumas left me better equipped to navigate both my social and professional relationships with empathy and understanding. These tools that I have been given have forever impacted my life; I am thankful for Tracy’s coaching and her contribution to my well-being and professional development as I forge my career in public service, directly due to my experiences with her program.”

Reed Payne, former Public Allies Metro Detroit AmeriCorp Member


“I look forward to coming to these trainings, they are the highlight of my day”

Marc Spight, The Yunion
Rock in Sand
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