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Healing Centered Restorative Engagement

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What is HCRE?

Healing Centered Restorative Engagement (HCRE) is a model that shifts organizational practices to center on well-being. It calls for a recognition of problems and strengths, but with a clear call to challenge systems that create inequality and create disconnection from opportunity. It challenges social problems at their very origins and prioritizes preventative action. As such, HCRE prioritizes political and systems approaches, but operates from a social-ecological framework that includes individual/clinical, interpersonal, organizational, community, and political level elements. The power of this method is that it draws on a fundamentally new and alternative set of philosophical stances, different approaches, and catalyzing practices in response to wicked problems and their impact.

HCRE Practices

● Are grounded on strengths and values-based relationship construction which are core to the business (transparency, integrity, open communication, etc.).

● Lift up inclusive and equitable practices to ensure that the best solutions are created and implemented.

● Prioritize employee and organizational well-being through techniques such as check-ins and check-outs.

● Ensure everyone and every position contributes to the success of the whole and understands their contribution is highly valued no matter what their role.

● Catalyze the creation of a positive work environment/culture.

● Encourage collaborative management of employee performance (moving away from traditional top/down supervision to mentor-coaching approaches).

● Emphasize work-life balance; employees focus on organization as well as personal well-being.

HCRE Impact

● Increased creativity and innovation lead to higher rates of return on investment.

● Moves from responsive and reactive to proactive.

● Creates greater spaces for innovation and creativity.

● Increases the likelihood of retaining employees who are happier and more connected to opportunity.

● Engages employees in a collaborative manner that inspires increased levels of commitment and engagement (loyalty) with the business.

● Can be more nimble in response to disruption.

HCRE Outcomes

● A more resilient and robust workforce.

Decreased turnover resulting in fewer human resources costs over the long run.

● Better organization-wide communication.

● Higher rates of well-being, productivity, and connections to opportunity.

● A more highly engaged and happy workforce; employees know that their opinions matter.

Check out this podcast to learn more!

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